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Dharma Reiki & Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki Clinic . Houston, Texas

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Stress, energy, wellness support

The fast-paced and high maintenance modern lifestyle is a reality for most of us and it comes with many health challenges, most notably stress. As our modern society cannot revert back to a simpler way of life of the past, we can choose to incorporate into our lives a good health and wellness support system to minimize the stress level as well as to buffer our hyper-responses to stressors. 

The body is actually a complex, intricate energy matrix composed of multitudes of major and minor energy pathways called meridians and they are imperceptible by the naked eye. If you visualize the highway and road system in big cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston which facilitates transportation and movement throughout the entire city, you will have an idea of how our energy system looks and functions. When we endure a period of high stress, the energy system becomes overwhelmed and jammed up, exactly as a traffic jam on any major highways or roads during rush hour. The more chronic the stress, the more jammed up and blocked our energy system becomes thus creating numerous obstructions in many areas of the body. Obstructions anywhere in the body inevitably will produce health issues.

Acupuncture as a healing modality has been time-tested for more than 3,000 years and is a super regulator for the energy system of the human body. Specifically for stress and wellness support, acupuncture functions to clear energy blockages, support the production of serotonin, rejuvenate the neurological system, facilitate energy and blood circulations, balance the entire energy system, ground physical and emotional energy, balance mood and uplift spirit. 

Acupuncture is an excellent therapy to use anytime we encounter stress. However, the earlier the intervention the better the prevention. Don't wait until stress wreaks havoc in your body before you decide to address it.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is more than a treatment for illness; it is a support system for health and life. Many health conditions are produced from the wear and tear of daily living and from the natural process of aging and decline. As life progresses and aging advances, especially when you approach midlife, acupuncture and Chinese medicine can become a very beneficial part of your lifestyle like consistent exercising, eating well, taking essential supplements, getting regular massages, etc.

Use acupuncture and Chinese medicine to rectify health in times of stress or illness and use it as a support to maintain wellness throughout life. People who commit to consistent acupuncture and herbal therapy for a year or more enjoy tremendous increase in energy, vitality, and overall wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be one of your best allies in life.

With regularity and commitment to acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the profound changes in you and your health will be evident as your body organically transforms through time.

Optimal health, vitality, and a quality life can be yours! See how you can benefit from using acupuncture and Chinese medicine to manage stress, support overall health, and slow down aging.

  • Regulates circulation and balancing for your entire energy system.
  • Calms your mood and reduce over-reaction to stressors.
  • Helps you to stay strongly grounded during times of extreme stress.
  • Strongly supports your immune system to fight and resist diseases.
  • Helps to rebuild your energy system from depletion due to chronic stress.
  • Excellent for slowing down degeneration of the body due to aging.
  • Benefits all people age 40 and older due to the decline of hormone production.
  • Rejuvenates all glandular functions including thyroid.
  • Strongly supports mental functions and well-being.
  • Improve sleep, energy, digestion, elimination, and all metabolic activities.
  • Regulates fluid metabolism, especially beneficial for edema.
  • You will look and feel beautiful and exude confidence.
  • Your energy will shine and your spirit will be radiant!

The list of benefits is really endless . . . .

Individualized Assessment:

An in-person consultation is necessary in order for us to give you an in-depth assessment and to recommend an individualized treatment plan. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation appointment.

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