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April Bui Holistic Acupuncture

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Regression  Therapy

Regression therapy is a method of accessing stored information in the subconscious levels of the mind to heal any issues in a person's life which manifest at the conscious level. Many health issues are rooted at the emotional, mental, or even spiritual level of one's being, especially chronic or recurring patterns of illness or dis-ease. To deeply heal, a person cannot just gloss at the physical aspect of existence but has to dive to a deeper level to identify and release the problem source. This identification and release is in itself a healing. A problematic energy pattern cannot keep reproducing and manifesting itself in a person when its presence is no longer in one's energy field.

Awareness of a problem source is the crucial first step in healing. This is the reason why regression can be very important. A person cannot possibly heal if one does not know what the problem is, especially if a problem is hidden from the normal awareness. A regression facilitator serves as a bridge between the subconscious and conscious mind, guides the client to the past history to identify and address the old dysfunctional energies, then assists the client safely in returning to the present state of mind at the end of a session. 

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Regression can be helpful for a multitude of issues in one's life including:

  • Difficult, unusual or unidentifiable health problems
  • Blocked memories
  • Emotional or psychological traumas
  • Addictions
  • Phobias
  • Dysfunctional behavioral patterns
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Dysfunctional patterns of relating to self and others
  • Feeling of being stuck but causes are unknown.

How does a regression session work?

In a regression session the client is guided to go back in time to the earlier years of the current life or to the period spent in the mother's womb, sometimes even further back to the previous lives in order to identify the source(s) of the current afflictions. The person will be able to access a deeper level of mind to address the energetic imprint of the old behavior or mental conditioning, heal old wounds and hurts, and reprogram the mind with a new set of intentions and healing purpose. A typical regression session follows this process:

• The total time of an initial session is approximately one and a half hours.

• The client will be sitting in a chair or lying on the table throughout the session.

• The session is held in our clinic's safe and peaceful environment.

• The client is fully awake in the session and actively participates from beginning to end.

• Our facilitator will begin the session with an in-depth interview with the client about the problem to be addressed.

• When the client is ready to start, facilitator will guide the client in a step-by-step process to relax the whole body and mind.

• Facilitator then guides the client to the subconscious mind at the alpha brainwave.

• Once at the alpha state, information from the past begins to surface. The client may experience the information in different ways such as visually seeing scenes like on a movie screen, hear the information, or perceive the information in symbolic imageries. During this phase there will be no talking between the client and facilitator, however the client may ask questions if necessary. This phase of the session is normally about 20 minutes.

• Near the end of the session, facilitator will guide the client step-by-step to come out of the alpha state and return to the normal conscious level of mind.

• The session ends with a follow up of the client's experiences. The client will have an opportunity to share what one saw, heard, or felt during the session and ask questions. Our facilitator may give his assessment and/or suggestions to provide more clarity to the client's issues or experiences.

"I don't want to relive past trauma."

This is a common concern that we have heard from some people. Speaking from our personal experiences and clients' feedback, revisiting a traumatic event from the past does not trigger a traumatic feeling in the present moment. The client is able to review the past history yet at the same time remain emotionally and mentally detached. Some clients experienced a release of emotions such as crying, wailing and later reported that during the emotional release they actually felt good and much lighter. You can rest assured in knowing that you are not alone in this process. Regression therapy is safe. It really is not scary and our facilitator is present with you to assist throughout an entire session. 

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