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Pregnancy Support

A big congratulation to you, expecting mother! What an amazing journey your're on whether as a first-time mother or a veteran mother. This passage of motherhood would be enhanced further by incorporating acupuncture and Chinese medicine into your health support system for the remaining months of your pregnancy. 

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are strong in the treatment and support of all female conditions including pregnancy. Both you and your baby will gain great benefits from this gentle yet powerful medicine. Our goal is to help you carry your pregnancy well throughout your nine months, to support your energy and vitality which is needed now as well as during delivery, to alleviate much of the common pregnancy side-effects, and to support your emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. 

Treatment Plan:

Our standard protocol is weekly acupuncture treatment during the first trimester. Thereafter acupuncture is normally maintained every two weeks throughout the pregnancy up to one week before delivery. You will also receive herbal medicine unless your doctor advised otherwise or due to health restrictions. 

See below the wonderful benefits you and your baby can expect to receive from acupuncture and Chinese medicine during pregnancy.

  • Regulate circulation and balance your entire energy system.
  • Ground your energy and buffer over-reactions to stressors.
  • Help you to stay centered when encountering heightened stress.
  • Strongly support your immune system to fight and resist diseases.
  • Enhance the production and nutritional quality of mother's milk.
  • Prevent gestational diabetes.
  • Reduce strange cravings  and control morning sickness.
  • Balance your mood, dispel depression, and elevate your spirit.
  • Strengthen your energy and overall vitality.
  • Strongly support mental functions and well-being.
  • Improve sleep, energy, digestion, elimination, and all metabolic activities.
  • Regulate fluid metabolism, especially beneficial for edema.
  • You will suffer much less from postpartum imbalances.
  • Enrich nutrients for yourself as well as your baby.
  • Will have a calming effect on your baby during and after pregnancy. Our clinical experience shows time and again that babies who underwent acupuncture with their mothers during pregnancy are exceptionally calm and much less fussy after delivery.

The list of benefits is really endless . . . .

Individualized Assessment:

An in-person consultation is necessary in order for us to give you an in-depth assessment and to recommend an individualized treatment plan. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation appointment.

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