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Dharma Reiki & Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki Clinic . Houston, Texas

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April Bui

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master

April has been in Reiki practice for more than 20 years. In 2000 she received her first certification as Reiki Master of Usui Reiki tradition. In 2022 April was initiated into Holy Fire® Reiki and was certified as Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master. With more than thirty years of experience and training in many disciplines within the field of holistic health, April brings to her students the breadth and depth of her healing knowledge, her genuine compassion, empathy, and passion for helping people as well as her devotion to training future Reiki healers and teachers.

Additionally, April is a gifted intuitive healer, flower essence therapist, licensed acupuncturist and Chinese medicine herbalist. April's healing and spiritual journey began in 1991. Since then she has studied, trained, and practiced in many alternative health disciplines including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, yoga, qi gong, tai chi, nutrition, flower essence, astrology, meditation, metaphysics, transpersonal ​psychology, eastern spirituality and philosophy. April's approach to healing is based on the holistic principle of body, mind, and spirit connection and her mission is to facilitate healing to as many people as possible and to advocate body-mind-spirit wellness by methods that are effective, safe, natural and noninvasive.

From 2009 - 2015 April was a co-founder and board director of St. Teresa Acupuncture Wellness Clinic, a Houston nonprofit low cost acupuncture clinic. Currently she owns and operates her private clinic Dharma Reiki & Acupuncture.

Education and professional certifications:

  • Certified Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master in 2022, Higher Heart Center, Katy, Texas
  • Certified Flower Essence Therapist in 2015, Flower Essence Services, Nevada City, California
  • Master Degree of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine 2004-2008, American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Houston, Texas
  • Certified Reiki Master (Usui tradition) in 2000, Houston, Texas
  • Licensed Massage Therapist 1993-1994, MRC School of Massage, Houston, Texas
  • Bachelor Degree of Business Administration in 1984-1989, University of Houston, Houston, Texas