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Dharma Reiki & Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki Clinic . Memorial / Hedwig Village, Houston

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Holy Fire® Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is probably the most recognizable form of mystical energy healing that is practiced in the West and around the world. Reiki healing system was developed by a Japanese Buddhist monk named Dr. Mikao Usui as a result of having received a Reiki transmission in 1922 while undertaking his spiritual quest for enlightenment on Mt. Kurama Yama, Japan. Reiki is a Japanese word which means "spiritually guided universal life force energy". It is a gentle yet super powerful healing modality which conducts high frequency cosmic healing energy from the spiritual planes. This high frequency energy is then channeled into the patient to heal simultaneously the physical, emotional, mental, and soul levels of one's being. 

Holy Fire® Reiki that is practiced at our clinic is an upgrade of the traditional Usui Reiki and confers much greater healing power. It is a very high level of healing that you can get to clear and balance all chakras 1st - 15th and beyond, heal known and unknown illnesses or imbalances at any levels of body-mind-soul, reconnect and realign the body-mind-soul continuum, reinforce your Antahkarana bridge which connects your individual soul consciousness to Universal God Consciousness. This modality is recommended for those who are ready to experience deeper healing beyond the physical.

How does Holy Fire® Reiki work

  • Holy Fire® Reiki is administered with the patient lying comfortably on a table and the therapist gently places one's hands above or just slightly touching the area of the body where intended for Holy Fire® Reiki energy to transmit. 

  • This is a comfortable and deeply relaxing process. The patient is not required to do anything more than being open to receive the energy and to be healed. 

  • Once Holy Fire® Reiki energy enters the patient's body, healing starts to take place at the physical, emotional, mental, and/or soul level where imbalances or afflictions reside. 

  • This simple yet profoundly powerful modality heals deeply to the root of problems.

  • Holy Fire® Reiki can be given by itself or in conjunction with acupuncture depending on the nature of the problem(s). Our therapist will make an assessment and advise you accordingly.

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki

Practitioner Training Levels I, II & Master

More Information

What Holy Fire® Reiki can help

  • Challenging or chronic, unmitigated health issues
  • Pain relief, highly effective
  • Chronic or acute stress
  • Recharge energy, boost immune system
  • Trauma release, past or present
  • Unblock stuck energies
  • Clear chakras 1 – 15 and above
  • Dysfunctional behavior
  • Fear, phobias, paranoia
  • Social anxiety, maladjustment
  • Energetic hypersensitivity
  • Boundaries problem
  • Psychic attacks
  • Spirit attachment release
  • Vulnerability, needing protection
  • Access past lives
  • Powerful opener of heart center
  • Develop compassion, sensitivity, empathy
  • Expand intuitive capability
  • Accelerate spiritual growth
  • Major life transition or crisis
  • Feeling stuck in any areas of life and can't move forward.

Individualized Assessment:

An in-person consultation is necessary in order for us to give you an in-depth assessment and to recommend an individualized treatment plan. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation appointment.

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