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High Blood Pressure

On this page is a brief discussion about high blood pressure according to Chinese medicine principles, the possible causes of this condition by Chinese medicine diagnosis, and the treatment protocol at our clinic.

Please keep in mind that Chinese medicine is very different in principle, concept, language, and treatment method from western medicine. The information here is intended for the lay people who have no knowledge about Chinese medicine, therefore this discussion must be limited in scope and depth. 

The purpose is to impart the relevant information and to help you gain a general understanding, from your standpoint as a potential patient of Chinese medicine, how Chinese medicine views and diagnoses this condition of interest and what you can expect from a treatment if you decide to become a patient of our clinic.

Chinese Medicine Terminology

Below are brief explanations of some common terms and concepts in Chinese medicine diagnosis that you would come across in a reading. Although Chinese medicine concept can be abstract, this helps you to understand better the discussion on this page.

  • Qi - means energy and is the universal energy that pervades within and without us everywhere in our physical realm of existence. Strictly speaking in our body, qi is the vital force that causes all movements, activities, functions, growth, development, control, check and balance, nourishment, protection, and transformation.

  • Blood - the food sustenance for life force and nourishment for all functions in our body. 

  • Yin - pertains to the material basis of our body.
  • Yang - pertains to the energetic, functional aspect of our body.

  • Jing Essence - the vital substance which governs and originates the primal foundation for the soul aspect and physical aspect at the moment of conception as well as throughout life. Essence is intrinsically connected to and stored in the kidneys. Essence also helps to create bone marrow and reproductive vital substances such as semen, sperms, eggs, menstrual blood.

  • Damp - refers to moisture in the body. The mentioning of damp in a diagnosis usually refers to an excessive accumulation that consequently produces problems.

  • Heat, cold - temperature in our body. The mentioning of temperature in a diagnosis usually indicates an extreme level of imbalance.

  • Wind - exists naturally in our body. The mentioning of wind in a diagnosis indicates an imbalance has occurred which causes the activity of wind to become excessive or in severe cases out of control.

  • Meridian - another term for energy channel.
  • Deficiency, excess - the condition of imbalance in the body relative to a normal balance.

Chinese Medicine Diagnosis:

According to Chinese medicine, high blood pressure results from one or more of the following imbalances:

• Qi stagnation of liver, heart

• Yin deficiency of liver, heart, kidney

• Blood deficiency

• Heat, excess or deficient type

• Ascending liver yang

Top two physiological imbalances which cause high blood pressure are:

  • Yin deficiency with heat is a top cause for high blood pressure and is often found in elderly patients, menopause (female) or andropause (male) patients, chronic heavy smokers and heavy alcohol drinkers.
  • Blood deficiency is a second common cause of high blood pressure. Women who have a history of chronically heavy periods are prime candidates for high blood pressure due to the long term excessive loss of blood. Postpartum elevation of blood pressure is also common due to the heavy loss of blood during delivery although it is temporary and healing can be achieved within a short period of time.

Treatment Protocol:

In treating high blood pressure, we use acupuncture and herbs to achieve these healing effects:

• Open the energy system and regulate qi and blood flow.

• Especially regulate liver and heart channels.

• Unblock qi and blood stagnation.

• Nourish yin and blood.

• Fortify spleen, kidneys, and liver.

• Clear heat and subdue liver yang.

• Stop heavy bleeding in the case of heavy menstruation.

The initial course of treatment is six to twelve weekly sessions and followed by a maintenance program. With firm commitment to the treatment and making the right changes in one's life, people at borderline have a good chance of not relying on medications. 

Exercise, proper diet, stress reduction, eliminating alcohol and cigarettes are necessary in order to control high blood pressure the natural way. Daily meditation is highly effective for lowering blood pressure and stress.

For people with very high blood pressure, we do not recommend that they get off medications while taking this treatment. However, our goal is to see their medications decrease in dosage or even better to have some medications eliminated eventually.

Individualized Assessment:

An in-person consultation is necessary in order for us to give you an in-depth assessment and to recommend an individualized treatment plan. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation appointment.

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