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Food the Foundation of Health

In Chinese medicine, the right diet plays an important role in maintaining good health. Our dietary system is based on the Chinese medicine principle of the five elements in nature which govern our bodies. 

In our dietary counseling, we assess your existing imbalances and then prescribe a personalized dietary plan which works to rectify existing health issues as well as restore harmony and balance to the five constitutional elements in your body.

Having the knowledge of your constitutional type, what your imbalances are and where they manifest in your body is priceless information to help you make the right dietary choices for your body's needs throughout life.

Chinese Medicine Dietary Counseling

You can have dietary counseling with or without acupuncture. A dietary counseling session consists of an in-depth assessment and Chinese medicine diagnosis of your constitutional imbalances, a recommendation of the right food types for your constitution and to rectify the imbalances, recommendation  for certain exercises or lifestyle changes if applicable. We may also recommend herbal therapy if necessary.

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