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Dharma Reiki & Acupuncture

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Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Practitioner Training

Master Level

This course trains and certifies you to become an Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master. Training takes place over three days. Advancement to the Master level training empowers you with additional powerful tools and higher frequency Master symbols to work with. Master level training gives you the ability to facilitate healing and teaching with Holy Fire® Energy. Upon completion of this course, you are qualified to heal others and teach Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki method.


  • You must have completed Usui/Holy Fire® level II.
  • You must have had a minimum of six months practical experience at Usui/Holy Fire® level II before taking this training.

What you will receive in this course:

  • You will be given Reiki Master symbol with Holy Fire® Placement (attunement) of Reiki Master symbol in you.
  • Learn how to work with Reiki Master symbol.
  • You will be given Holy Fire® Master symbol with installation and activation of Holy Fire® Master symbol in you.
  • Learn how to work with Holy Fire® Master symbol.
  • You will be given four Holy Fire® Master Ignitions (attunement). These four Ignitions install and activate Holy Fire® energy in you, upgrade your frequency and soul consciousness, and enable you to facilitate healing and teach at the Holy Fire® III level.
  • Healing with "Ocean of Holy Love Experience", this clears your energy field and facilitates healing for a wide range of conditions or issues in you.
  • Empowerment of "Holy Love I Experience", this installs Divine Love deeply into your soul consciousness.
  • Healing with "Holy Love II Experience", this scans your timeline of this life from birth to the present moment to find the issues or experiences that need healing. The aspects or energies of the identified issues will be healed and released in order to move you forward on your path.
  • Healing with "Holy Love III Experience", this takes you back to the period in your mother's womb, from conception through gestation to birth and post-birth, to heal everything that needed healing during this period of your life. This can include the dynamics between your parents, ancestral issues, experiences in the womb, and birth trauma.
  • Healing with "Holy Love IV Experience", this releases and heals any issues or impediments in you that block your advancement on the spiritual path or block your development as a healer.
  • Empowerment of "Healing in the River of Life Experience​", gives you the ability to give Placement (attunement) when you teach and facilitate "Holy Fire® Healing Experience" sessions.
  • How to work with "Holy Fire® Healing Experience" to heal a specific issue, remove negative energies or blocks, and empower goals if there's a goal you've had trouble achieving.
  • Learn how to release spirit attachment.
  • Work with Reiki crystal grid for healing and world peace.
  • How to give Placement (attunement) for Reiki Master symbol and the Ignitions (attunement) for Holy Fire® III.
  • How to conduct Reiki course training levels I, II and Master.
  • How to conduct a Holy Fire® Experience healing circle.
  • How to give yourself Holy Fire® Placements & Ignitions (attunement).
  • Hands-on practice.

About Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki

Practitioner Training Levels I & II

Practitioner Training Master Level

Fees & Payment

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Upcoming Course Dates

Course Application

Fee & Policy:

  • Course fee $975. 
  • Non-refundable deposit of $250 must be submitted no later than two weeks before the course. 
  • Remaining balance is due on the first day of class.

Course Date:

Master level training is to be arranged individually at this time. 

Please submit course application and we will be in touch with you.

Course Application