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Sinus Allergy

Houston is our wonderful city and a true blessing to millions of her inhabitants, however one thing not-so-blessed that many Houstonians share is the sinus allergy problem. Allergy sufferers commonly believe that the cause of their allergies is environmental… pollen, trees, pollution, weather. No, the root cause of sinus allergy is not the external environment but rather it is primarily an issue of the internal environment.

So, what is the problem with your internal environment?

According to Chinese medicine, sinus allergy is primarily a digestive system issue due to faulty diet. Why? On our faces there are two major energy channels, specifically the stomach and large intestine channels, which traverse through, crisscross and wrap around the entire sinus area. Obviously the digestive system governs the sinus area of the face, therefore the food that we put into our bodies directly effects the digestive system as well as the sinus. From our clinical experience, the diet of all our allergy patients is heavy on milk, cheese, eggs. These foods are notorious for producing mucus and clogging the digestive system, which also clog up the sinus area. Furthermore, the abundant mucus with its viscous consistency traps external pathogens when entered the body. When pathogens are retained in our system, they wreak havoc. This is why allergy patients suffer more in allergy season with pollens and other environmental pathogens.

To eliminate allergy, one must keep a clean diet and a clean, healthy digestive system. A clean digestive system is able to discharge foreign pathogens quickly from the body – thus they are not given an opportunity to remain long enough to breed problems. A dairy free diet is absolutely required in order to successfully eliminate allergy.

The digestive system in our bodies is like the plumbing system in our homes. If for months and years you stuff all sorts of garbage and gunk down your sinks, they eventually get backed up, clogged, and regurgitate with the build-up of putrid wastes and stench. Similarly, the long term congestion and clogging up of the digestive system eventually causes the excessive build-up of mucus, phlegm, putrid waste matter, toxicities, infections and inflammation which manifest in the intestinal as well as sinus area. Your sinus and anus are the two ends of your digestive pipe. It is common that people with sinus allergy also struggle with digestive issues, commonly bloating and/or constipation.

Benefits of a dairy free diet and a clean digestive system:

  • No more sinus allergy!
  • You will breathe better
  • You will sleep better and decrease snoring
  • Your skin looks better and your face radiant
  • Elimination of excess weight
  • Elimination of foul breath and body odor
  • Elimination of sinus infection, inflammation, and headaches
  • Elimination of bloating and constipation
  • Your immune system will improve
  • Lessen your chance of getting sick
  • Enjoy the outdoors even in allergy season
  • Excellent prevention for serious digestive diseases such as colon cancer

Treatment with acupuncture & herbs:

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are effective for treating sinus allergy. However, the patient must stop consuming cheese, dairy or any cow milk products. Egg consumption should also be minimized. In addition, other unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits such as drug and alcohol consumption, excessive caffeine intake, excessive sugar and starchy foods, heavy red meat consumption should be reduced and hopefully phased out at some point. 

A commitment to changing and cleaning up one’s diet from the start and throughout the course of therapy is necessary and should be maintained throughout one’s life. Periodic detox, two times a year is a good regimen, will further help to clear up any build-up and congestion in the digestive system. 

Individualized Assessment:

An in-person consultation is necessary in order for us to give you an in-depth assessment and to recommend an individualized treatment plan. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation appointment.

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