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Dharma Reiki & Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki Clinic . Houston, Texas

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About acupuncture

Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine treatment method by insertion of very fine, brand new medical grade needles into predefined energetic points in the body to open the network of energy pathways that run through the body, facilitate the free flow circulation of energy and blood to remove obstructions or blockages, rectify imbalances by guiding the energy to where it needs to go, and ultimately restore the entire system back to a healthy balance and efficient functioning. This network of energy pathways in the human system comprises of 72,000 energy centers, according to Indian Vedic science. Chinese medicine places special emphasis on the 14 major energy meridians and 361 acupuncture points in the human body that bear significant importance in our treatment. 

Our physical body is actually a very complex, intricate energy matrix composed of multitudes of major and minor energy pathways called meridians and they are imperceptible by the naked eye. If you visualize the highway and road system in any major cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston which facilitates transportation and movement throughout the entire city, you will have an idea of how our energy system looks and functions.

Once the imbalances and affected meridians are identified, a group of acupuncture points relevant to the condition are chosen to properly rectify the illness. On average, a group of 12 -16 points are used for a standard acupuncture session and they may locate on the head, face, ears, trunk, arms, legs, hands, feet, front, back, or sides of the body. Each needle is then inserted into a single point, also common that several needles surround one point. Once inserted, needles are retained in the body for 30 minutes—during this span of time they facilitate one complete cycle of energy circulation throughout the entire body.

Does it hurt?

This is probably the most commonly asked question about acupuncture, however there is no standard answer because every person has different pain threshold and response. Generally, acupuncture is tolerable. Some points are more sensitive than others depending on the areas of the body. Most needles are inserted without causing any discomfort to our patients. Any uncomfortable sensation would be felt only at the initial insertion of needle and goes away after a few seconds. Once all needles are inserted, the rest of the treatment is absolutely comfortable and relaxing. With repeated treatments, most patients grow accustomed to the needle sensation and their initial anxiety also dissipates. Rest assured that you're not alone in this process. Our acupuncturist is ready to coach and assist you should any discomfort arise.

Warm needle acupuncture with moxa herb. This method is used for only certain conditions and does not apply to all treatments.

When can you expect to feel improvement?

Everyone responds differently to a treatment depending on the nature and severity of the condition being treated, other pre-existing conditions that can have bearing on the recuperative power of the individual, and patient's compliance to the treatment regimen. There is not one standard gauge t​hat measures all people equally. Based on our experiences, majority of patients feel improvement within the week of the first treatment. The acupuncture effects are cumulative, therefore the likelihood of increasing improvement is expected as patient goes through the course of treatment and stays firmly with the treatment plan.

Chinese medicine principles in a nutshell:

Chinese medicine principles are founded on a simple yet profound natural law of balance and movement. Balance and movement are the inherent forces in our universe. Look around us and we can see that everything is in constant movement and always striving to reach equilibrium. This is nature's law. The wise sages of old keenly observed and studied nature. They found that humans, being an integral part of the universe, are subject to the laws that govern this universe.

The human system is the mapping, the small blueprint of the bigger cosmic blueprint within which we exist. Therefore to know ourselves, we need to know the universe around us. To understand how our body functions, we can observe and see how nature, the universe functions. Look at the existing elements in our external environment - air, water, heat, cold, moisture, dampness, solids, liquids, wind, fire, etc. - we have the exact same things in our body, the internal environment. 

We are the blueprint of the universe. Therefore to exist optimally, we must live in harmony and comply to the natural laws that govern us and all things in this realm. When we deviate from the operational laws of nature, imbalances and consequently disease, decay, and death set in.

Good health requires the maintenance of balance and continual movement. With movement, life is supported and enhanced. When movement stops, hence stagnation, disease and death result. Very much like moving water retains its freshness while stagnant water quickly putrefies. This is the premise that Chinese medicine foundation was built upon as well as the construction of its diagnostic and treatment methodology which seeks to determine the areas and nature of imbalances in the body, where along the intricate network of energetic pathways stagnations and obstructions occurred, and aims to clear the pathways, restore and enhance the free flow of energy circulation throughout the body, and reverse the imbalances to achieve healing.