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We are open and accepting new patients.

Due to the temporary stringent enforcement of the City of Houston during COVID-19 Stay Home Work Safe lockdown period, we are allowed to accept only patients who have been referred to acupuncture by a medical professional. Please obtain a referral letter from your doctor before contacting us for an appointment. If you don't have a doctor, please let us know and we will refer you to one.

COVID-19 Treatment Cost Assistance:

If your income has been adversely affected by COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering sliding scale payment to help you meet your health and financial needs. All patients can take advantage of our sliding scale offer. You choose whichever fee option that you can afford, no questions asked. 

  • Sliding scale fees for first visit:  $70,  $65,  $60,  $55,  $50,  $45  (applicable for acupuncture only)
  • Sliding scale fees for follow-up:  $55,  $50,  $45,  $40,  $35,  $30,  $25  (applicable for acupuncture only)

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know. COVID-19 crisis has been very difficult for all of us. We want you to know that we are here for you and will support you in every way possible through this challenging time.

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" I went to April's clinic after being told that my medical condition due to diabetes would not improve even with suggested surgery, and there was no guarantee. I had no experience with acupuncture but after meeting April with whom I've been under care, I felt confident in her and her abilities. After following her instructions and taking the treatments my condition improved dramatically. I value the care and concern from April and her staff and highly recommend April's acupuncture clinic to anyone who needs an alternative approach to their medical issues. "

R. T.   Houston, Texas

April Bui Acupuncture Clinic Houston

" April is a compassionate and inspiring health care practitioner. Her treatments and guidance had alleviated chronic headaches and pain that I had been experiencing for over 20 years. April has been a true blessing in my life. I am truly grateful for her care, friendship and the renewed quality of life provided by her treatments over the past two years. I would strongly recommend visiting April if you have been unable to find a solution to your health issues. "   S. B. - Houston, Texas