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April Bui Holistic Acupuncture

Houston, TX  .  Memorial Spring Branch

Contact Us  .  713-922-3474

About Us

We are a holistic acupuncture and energy healing clinic, serving Houston since 2008. Our healing philosophy is based on the holistic principle of body-mind-spirit connection. While our clinic treats a wide range of physical health issues, we place equally important emphasis on addressing emotional, psychological, and spiritual dis-ease. 

The origination of disease always begins at the soul level and works downward in the forms of psychological manifestation, emotional manifestation, and lastly physical body manifestation. Most chronic physical health issues have emotional or psychological causes, for example cancer, arthritis, asthma, allergy, diabetes, even being accident-prone. Therefore to deeply heal any health issue, it is imperative that we address the associated emotional, mental, or spiritual causes. To achieve this end we make available to our patients an integrative system of alternative healing modalities including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, high vibrational energy channeling, aromatherapy, therapeutic bodywork, spiritual healing from higher dimensions and Ascended Masters.

Our clinic is a people focus & result focus practice where every patient receives unparalleled personalized care. Our mission is to heal, advocate, and educate our community by practicing gentle and harmless healing methods which are natural, safe, drug free, noninvasive, effective and sustainable for long term support while addressing the root causes of health issues. 

For more than a decade we have treated a wide range of conditions with high success rates and highly satisfied patients who have regained health, well-being, and a quality life. We bring to all patients our knowledge and experience of the wisdom-based, time-tested ancient healing traditions that are still importantly relevant today as thousands of years ago with our commitment to high standard care and dedicated patient support.

Internal Medicine  .  Pain Management  .  Women's Health  .  Stress & Wellness Support

Emotional & Trauma Healing  .  Chakra Clearing  .  Energy Balancing & Realignment  .  Spiritual Inner Work Support

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Patient Testimonials

" I went to April's clinic after being told that my medical condition due to diabetes would not improve even with suggested surgery, and there was no guarantee. I had no experience with acupuncture but after meeting April with whom I've been under care, I felt confident in her and her abilities. After following her instructions and taking the treatments my condition improved dramatically. I value the care and concern from Apri​l and her staff and highly recommend April's acupuncture clinic to anyone who needs an alternative approach to their medical issues. "  R. T. - Houston, Texas

" My friend recommended to see April for my gastritis, acid reflux, and carpal tunnel syndrome. To my surprise, Traditional Chinese Medicine not only addressed the root cause of my diseases, but as a pleasant side effect I experienced an overall well being in my entire body. I noticed an improvement emotionally and spiritually. I am not anxious anymore, I have a positive outlook on life, and my sleep has improved drastically. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs also cured my seasonal allergies and frequent upper respiratory issues which I suffered from for the last 20 years. I don’t use over the counter or prescribed medications since I started using the herbs, and I plan on keeping it that way. April and her masterful use of Traditional Chinese Medicine restored my body back to its natural balance. I now trust my body’s own ability to use it’s innate intelligence to continue to heal itself. I highly recommend April to anyone. She is very honest, straight forward, and dedicated. She is not only a talented healer but a Conscientious and Compassionate human being. Thank You April. "  J. V. - Houston, Texas

" April is a compassionate and inspiring health care practitioner. Her treatments and guidance had alleviated chronic headaches and pain that I had been experiencing for over 20 years. April has been a true blessing in my life. I am truly grateful for her care, friendship and the renewed quality of life provided by her treatments over the past two years. I would strongly recommend visiting April if you have been unable to find a solution to your health issues. "  S. B. - Houston, Texas